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Primary School Workshops: Physics

As part of our annual Activity Days, Grange School staff and students hosted primary school pupils for a Physics workshop. During the workshop, primary school pupils took part in experimental physics enhancing their subject knowledge.


Key aims are:

Enhancing existing educational provision
Providing leadership experience for Grange students


Critical to success of the project is the provision of specialist staff and facilities from The Grange School to host the workshops.

The partnership is mutually beneficial. Pupils from primary schools benefit from specialist tuition in Physics, providing an excellent bridge to secondary school. Grange School students benefit from developing their leadership skills and giving them experience with younger students.


Primary schools workshops have been established as part of the Activity Days programme for over 10 years. The workshops are designed and marketed by Grange School staff and interested primary schools sign up to the sessions that fit best to enhance their provision. Due to the positive experience, the vast majority of the schools have been taking part in this style of workshop for a number of years.


Critical to the success of the project are the time and efforts of Grange School staff and students to devise stimulating sessions, liaising with the staff from the various primary schools to ensure that these are academically challenging but suitable in nature.

Key resources are:

Use of The Grange School facilities
Time and efforts committed by Grange School teaching staff
Time and efforts committed by Grange School support staff to help with logistics
Time by Grange School students


The Grange School pay for transportation for the primary school pupils to access the workshops and for refreshments for the day.


Key qualitative impacts are:

Positive feedback from Grange school staff & students
Positive feedback from partner school staff & students
Opportunity to extend the most able students
Enhanced existing provision in place
Enhanced skills of all students involved


When liaising with the primary schools, all commented upon the high quality nature of the provision and how much their pupils enjoyed the session.

After every year, the Activity Day programme is reviewed and evaluated to ensure that the programme is mutually beneficial.

Pupil Involvement

In 2019 54 primary school pupils (all of their Year 5 cohort) took part in the workshops. Each workshop was supported by 3 Grange staff and 12 Sixth Form students.


The workshop lasted for 2 hours and as part of the Activity Day programme, takes place annually. The subjects offered can vary slightly according to staff availability and demand from primary schools. The intention is to run the sessions again in July 2020.