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Primary School Swimming Programme

Ashford School offers a comprehensive swimming programme which supports schools in ensuring that as many pupils as possible reach the Key Stage 2 Curriculum Swimming Requirements by the end of Year 6. Ashford School liaises with the schools to ensure they stretch the more 'able’ pupils while allowing the weaker swimmers have access to the best support possible.


To provide an outstanding Swimming programme for local Primary Schools, assisting them in fulfilling their National Curriculum requirements. The programme caters for all abilities, increasing confidence in and around water.


Ashford School benefits from having two indoor swimming pools that support an extensive curricular and co-curricular swimming programme. When not in use the pools are used for the Primary School Swimming Programme and the Community Learn to Swim Programme. Ashford School have built a team of qualified and experienced swimming teachers, adding further to the schools reputation as a centre of excellence for swimming.

The Primary School Swimming Programme was introduced in 2015 and has grown year on year.


Each Primary School swimming session is supported by 2 or 3 swimming teachers, dependent on ability and age of the pupils involved.

Wherever possible, Ashford School minibuses and drivers are used to transport pupils to and from their Primary School.


There is ongoing assessment of all swimmers as they progress towards the expected National Curriculum outcomes. By the end of the programme, the vast majority can swim 25m and are able to self-rescue.

Pupil Involvement

The programme is open to Primary school pupils of all ages and abilities. 

Although delivered by specialist swimming teachers, the programme is supported by Ashford School pupils looking to gain experience and/or qualification in swimming teaching/ coaching.


The programme runs throughout the year and will continue for the foreseeable future.