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Primary School Classics

One Canford teacher and five 6th form pupils visit the schools on Monday afternoons to introduce Year 5 pupils to Classics (Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation). The classes are led by the Canford pupils after instruction from the Canford teacher.

Classics as a subject is not commonly available in the State sector, yet all children have some idea of what it entails from the wealth of books and films currently in existence. Their knowledge, particularly of myth and monsters (from the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series for example), is a good primary means of engagement.

The lessons are ideally tailored to the topics the pupils have already been studying; for example, following a topic on 'Travel and travellers' we taught a session on Odysseus. There have also been sessions on; The Olympic Games, Myths, Heroes and Monsters, Maths and Magic, Murder Mystery and the Greek Theatre (complete with masks and costumes).


All the teaching is done at the primary schools in the classroom, sports hall or playground as appropriate, although all teaching materials (printing, powerpoints, pens and pencils, masks and other craft resources) are brought from Canford.

Pupil Involvement

The 6th form pupils from Canford lead the lessons which are for year 5 pupils. The 6th formers have an interest in Classics and will have studied either Classical Civilisation or Latin to at least GCSE (and normally to a higher level).


Two hours every Monday afternoon throughout the year in a 3 week rotation cycle between the 3 schools; Heathlands, Kingsleigh and Christ the King.