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Primary Festival of Sport - Malden Manor Primary School

Shrewsbury House School has an enviable record of sporting achievement. Our football, rugby, swimming and cricket teams have enjoyed regional and national success. We have extensive facilities, including a 4G All Weather Pitch, on-site Swimming pool and Sports hall (as well as a local off-site Sports Ground). Our Sports Department includes 10 full-time members of staff, many of whom played sport to a professional level and they have FA, RFU and ECB qualifications. 

We wanted to share this knowledge, expertise and facilities with neighbouring schools. 

Shrewsbury House was delighted to host groups of boys and girls from Malden Manor  Primary School and St Matthews, Surbiton for the Shrewsbury House Primary School Festival of Sport. Members of the Shrewsbury House Sports department gave the pupils a number of coaching clinics in the three main SHS sports of Football, Rugby and Cricket. It was great to see the children having the opportunity to use the SHS sports facilities and also learn new skills and develop their game understanding in these three sports. 

















The aims of the partnership are to share our sporting knowledge, expertise and facilities  with other schools that do not necessarily have the same level of resourcing available for their sports programmes. 


The partnership came about through our Executive Head who is a firm believer in having specialist sports coaches run the sports programme, and our Director of Sport, who put the programme together with the partner schools. The programme has been running for two years.


The principal resources for the programme were our 4G All Weather Pitch and sports equipment for Rugby, Football and Cricket. Five members of the SHS sports department coaching team led the sessions working with teachers from the partner schools.


The benefits of the sessions were for teachers from both schools to share ideas and coaching methods/philosophy. An opportunity for the children involved to have some intensive sport specific coaching and the use of the most modern facilities available.

Pupil Involvement

The children involved in the Primary Festival of Sport were Year 6 boys and girls from Malden Manor Primary School. 


The collaboration between the schools is ongoing, with the Festival of Sport this year being expanded to include broader invitations.