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Pre Entrance Exam Assessment for Special Consideration (Witham Hall School)

Assessing candidates for any learning difficulties that may need to be brought to our attention prior to the pupil sitting the Entrance Exam. We no longer award any additional time or reader but will need to take the potential need for those access arrangements into consideration when marking the candidate’s examination scripts.



To make reasonable adjustment to meet a pupil’s learning difficulties in order to give them equality of opportunity to show their potential in the Entrance Examination. The candidates benefit.



Long established, 12 years plus. Identified through liaison with primary schools and parents of prospective pupils.



The benefits can be best measured by how many pupils that are awarded special consideration of part of this process actually take up the offer of a place should they be successful in the Entrance Exam.


Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils.


Ongoing, every autumn term.