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Pocklington School helps the NHS and local community

Pocklington School staff supported the NHS, carers and the local community in the fight against coronavirus by supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) and helping those in need.


The Pocklington School Head of Chemistry, began the drive when she contacted St Leonard's Hospice and local GP practices to ask if they needed any safety glasses from Pocklington School’s Science labs. Their responses showed there was a clear demand for PPE equipment not just locally, but in other parts of the country.


Fellow science staff were keen to help and offered their support and resources. The Head of Design at Pocklington School used his skills in the Art and Design Technology Centre using the 3D printer and produced 48 protective face visors paired with donated elastic.

Publicity from the first consignment, which was dispatched to local doctors’ surgeries, and key NHS workers in Rotherham, led to more requests for PPE help – along with more volunteers from teaching and support staff who wanted to contribute to the effort.

Staff members from across the School joined the drive to help protect key workers by sewing NHS drawstring bags and scrubs and masks.

Some Pocklington School staff are volunteer NHS responders and knit hearts for intensive care patients and bereaved families. Others have been active in the local community, collecting medication, shopping and distributing Covid-19 leaflets.

A Pocklington School art teacher is an area coordinator for Pocklington’s volunteer community team, supporting the isolated and vulnerable, and another teacher is also part of the community hub. 

Many Prep School pupils created colourful posters in support of key workers and keeping communities safe, and some pupils became pen pals with residents of care homes.

Chatta, the award-winning online learning approach developed in partnership with Pocklington School, was made available free of charge to families during the first lockdown. More than 3,000 families in 20 countries downloaded the ChattaClub app to receive daily activities by email or, for older children, the Chatta Club+ app, to receive weekly activities.


All materials and time were given freely, to produce the donated goods.