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Pocklington School Conservation Project

Pupils from Pocklington School Sixth Form volunteer once a week,  to tend to war graves in Pocklington Cemetery, keeping them tidy and well maintained. 

The students mow grass and maintain planted areas to keep the graves tidy.


The aim of the project is to maintain war graves, keeping them tidy and well maintained.

Pupils must be committed and enthusiastic.

The project provides benefit to the local community and visitors to the cemetery.


The project began more than 10 years ago following liasion with the War Graves Commission.


Gardening equipment, transport, a vehicle driver and supervision are required.


The project has been running for 10 years.  It is popular with the students.

Pupil Involvement

10 Sixth Form pupils from Pocklington School participate in the project.


This is an ongoing activity which occurs one afternoon per week.