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Pocklington School CCF cadets assist in local Remembrance Services

Pocklington School Combined Cadet Force take part and fulfill important roles during the Pocklington town Remembrance Parade and also in other localities, including St Catherine's Church Barmby Moor and The Wolds Gliding Club.


Pocklington School CCF fulfil various roles within the local town Remembrance Parade and in other neighboring locations.  The roles include carrying the Standards for Pocklington School and the Yorkshire Regiment, delivering readings and poems and performing the Last Post and Reveille.



For many years, Pocklington School has been part of the Pocklington Remembrance Parade and in recent years has also assisted at the St Catherine's Church Commonwealth War Graves and The Wolds Gliding Club Airfield Memorial. 


The CCF cadets are supported by their Contingent Commander and Officers Commanding for RAF and Army.


In the most recent Remembrance Parade Services in 2022, Pocklington School received a letter of appreciation from the secretary to the 102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association which said:

"Your students who took part in our Church Service and paraded their Standards were immaculate in their appearance and deportment...They expressed their genuine desire to be involved in our part of the National Remembrance, something greatly appreciated by our Association. Over 70 people attended the Remembrance Service at St Catherine's Church in Barmby Moor and many of them passed complementary comments about the Cadets."

Pupil Involvement

Four cadets from Years 11 and 12 assisted in the services at St Catherine's Church and The Wolds Gliding Club. Around 30 Army and RAF CCF cadets paraded in the town Act of Remembrance.


The Pocklington School CCF has a well established partnership with organisers of the local Remembrance Day activities and will continue to do so in the future.