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Pocklington School Baby and Toddler Group

The Pocklington School Toddler Group is based within the Pre-Prep department at Pocklington School and provides an opportunity for parents and children to get to know people in the local area, to make use of  Early Years facilities and to enjoy refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.

The group meets once a week in Pre-Prep School during term time. Families with children from age 0-4 attend the group and sessions are free.


Parents identified a need for more toddler groups in the local area.

The aim of this project is to  provide a place where children and carers can meet new people and play in a relaxed and happy environment.

Pre-school children and parents/carers benefit from this project


Pocklington School responded to a request from parents, to provide a toddler group.

The Pocklington School Toddler Group has been in operation for over seven years.


Space, time, staff, age appropriate toys and resources.

The Toddler Group is held in one of the Early Years rooms and is used free of charge.

The Head of Pre-Prep and one other member of staff assist at the beginning and end of sessions.

These sessions are free to families.


There is anecdotal evidence from parents that they and their families enjoy coming to the group.

Numbers attending are increasing.

Pupil Involvement

On average 15 pre-school children and their parents from the wider community attend each week.


This is an on-going activity, which occurs once a week during term time.

It will continue for the forseeable future.