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Play in a Day 2020

This day is designed to give local children the chance to be in their own play. A variety of actors come in and lead workshops with the children and these are performed at the end of day to the parents. 


The aim of this initiative is to give children the chance to work with real actors to prepare and take part in a play in a drama studio with a live audience. Many of the children have never performed in a play before and the setting in the drama studio creates a lovely ambience for the children taking part.


This is an ongoing event which happens every year, each year different schools are invited to ensure that as many local children as possible get to experience performing in a play. 


The school uses all its facilities to host the children and Tudor Hall pays for 4 actors to come in and lead the children in the workshops. 


For many children this is the first chance they have to perform in a play and this will help to promote drama to all children that attend. 

Pupil Involvement

The children were in year 5 and 31 attended from Shenington and Great Tew. 


This is an annual event that ran on 16th January 2020.