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Platform Music and Comedy Festival

Pocklington Arts Centre used Pocklington School's Sports Hall as a venue for the Platform Music and Comedy Festival.

The festival is a four day festival of music and entertainment which is promoted throughout Yorkshire and beyond, with national and international artists.  The event appeals to a wide audience and showcases local talent.


The use of Pocklington School facilities provides affordable facilities and a venue, for local clubs and societies to hold events for the local and wider community.

In Pocklington, there is a need for venues which can hold large scale events in the community and Pocklington School Sports Hall fulfills this need.

The Platform Festival is a high profile event in a unique venue, which brings tourism to the town and raises the profile of the local area.  The whole community benefits from this.

The partnership between Pocklington School and the Arts Centre is also strengthened through this venture.


The partnership has been established for more than four years.


There is a financial contribution for using the Sports Hall.


This is an annual event which is set to continue indefinitely.