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Pinewood hosts Science of Sound Show for local community

It was a day to be remembered, as both Pinewood children and local children from four surrounding Primary Schools came together to experience the Science of Sound Show.  

The show was presented by the Science Oxford team and was an hour long demonstration, exploring how we make hear and use sound, and perhaps most importantly, how we can enjoy it!

The show was aimed at Year 4 children and Pinewood was delighted that 70 children from local schools were able to come and enjoy the experience alongside the Year 4 children at Pinewood. 

Eleanor Lyon Taylor, Head of Science at Pinewood says:

“Making learning an adventure is at the heart of our teaching philosophy at Pinewood and the Science of Sound Show certainly brought what the children have been learning about to life.  We were thrilled that Watchfield, Shrivenham, Bishopstone and Wanborough Primary Schools were able to join us and that their children were also able to benefit from this energetic and inspiring show."


The project aimed to develop a love of learning and a love of science in the children.  Feedback was sought from children at the time, all of whom were very positive. 


The project was researched and pulled together by Pinewood's Head of Science, Eleanor Lyon Taylor.  


The event eas fully funded and supported by Pinewood, who booked the Science Ocford team in to come down to the school.  The event took place in the school Theatre with plenty of staff on hand to support the local schools. Pinewood also provided minibuses to bring local children to the event and to drop them back again after the show had finished. 



The show covered topics which are on the KS2 syllabus so would have been of benefit to all children.  It also will have helped to bring to life what the children may have been learning about in class, thereby creating excitement and enthusiasm aroudn the subject. 

Pupil Involvement

This show was for Year 4 children.