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Physical Education

Since September 2016, members of the PE department have been attending Queensway, once a week, to deliver a PE lesson. The session changes termly, moving between hockey, netball, cricket and athletics.


To provide support with specialist PE teaching.


Queensway is a primary school in the immediate vicinity of Tudor Hall and the school has often been invited to primary days that have been offered at Tudor. The PE need was identifed by the Director of Sport who has links with the school. 


PE teachers seconded to the school once a week.



I have been working with James Long from Tudor Hall School since September 2016. This has been a great partnership between our two schools. As a teacher, I have found that working with James has encouraged me to use different teaching methods in my PE lessons. Ideas I have used include “short games” to develop the children’s confidence and skills, a wider range of warm-up ideas and different ways to include more competitive elements into my lesson. Having James working with me last year also enabled me to support a child in my class with multiple needs more effectively. We were also able to work with two year groups simultaneously, teaching athletics, something that we had been hoping to do as part of our own School PE action plan. 

The pupils in my class last year thoroughly enjoyed working with James; it was particularly great for the children to work with a male member of staff as we currently have no male teachers or teaching assistants. Two boys, both not previously keen to join sports clubs, joined the Banbury Hockey Club directly as a result of hockey lessons. I also saw an improvement in their engagement and confidence in class discussion. Ten girls were given the opportunity to take part in the visits from female Olympic athletes-their enthusiasm to share (and their parents’ enthusiasm) was overwhelming; 5 of these girls are children in receipt of pupil premium. Interestingly, I felt last year that it was the girls, who were less keen on PE, who had a change in attitude and participated more fully in sports clubs and events. 

This academic year, again, James’ involvement has allowed me to provide greater support to 3 boys within my class who are on the Autistic spectrum. In addition, I can focus my attention on children who are less able or less confident. I continue to learn more techniques for Hockey and Netball; James also provides high quality equipment for the children to use.  


Pupil Involvement



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