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Performing Arts Programme

Local primary schools have had the opportunity to engage with The Oratory's performing arts programme. 

Musical opportunities include a Choral Day and a Drum workshop.

Drama opportunities through free performances of The Oratory's junior school play, Matilda (2022) and a roadshow of Macbeth (2023).

Local secondary schools joined us for a drama partnership day with prominent theatre practitioners from Paperbirds, Frantic Assembly and Trestle. This was then followed by an Oratory Drama performance of The IT, an Eduqas GCSE Drama text currently being studied by all the schools involved.


To enrich the experiences of pupils from local primary and secondary schools and provide access to opportunities and experiences unavailable in their schools.


Head of Drama has built local connections through GCSE moderation with local secondary schools.

Other opportunities have been developed by expanding opportunities offered to local partnership primaries.


Use of the theatre for all events. 

Providing a range of drums and instruments for the drumming workshop.

Oratory staff.

Lunch/refreshments provided.


Verbal feedback received from partnership primaries of how beneficial and inspirational the activities have been.

Pupil Involvement

11-15 year olds in the productions

15 year olds from secondary schools

KS2 children from primaries


Our drumming workshop is an annual event. 

We have 1 junior, 1 middle school and 1 senior drama production per academic year.