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Partnership with Banbury Aspirations Campus Psychology Department

Since September 2017 the Head of Psychology at Tudor Hall has formed links with a Psychology department at a local state school in order to share resources and ideas. 


The aim of the partnership is to try to ensure that the considerable expertise of the Head of Psychology at Tudor can be utilised by other schools.


The Head of Psychology at Tudor has worked primarily in the state sector before joining Tudor is aware of the needs of the state sector and identified the Space Studio as a school that might enjoy a close partnership. 


Time of the Head of Department and resources. 


So far there have been meetings between the Heads of Department to discuss curriculum concerns, approaches to teaching and learning, joint curricular and co-curricular opportunties and issus over the implementation of the 2015 linear A level. Resources have also been shared and 6 year 13 students (including 1 PP and I LAC) have benefitted from being able to use resources on Research Methods provided by the Head of Psychology at Tudor. 15 year 12 students have benefitted from the Cognitive Psychology resources provided. This includes 2 PP students. 

Pupil Involvement



On-going project