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Paint Pals Project with Residents at Meadowcare Home

For the past six years Year 7 girls have partnered with a local care home and have been exchanging letters and paintings, in an effort to combat loneliness in the elderly. They have been meeting regularly and painting cards to send to a group of elderly residents at Meadowcare Home in Redland. The highlight of the project has been the visits made to the home when the girls have made collaborative paintings with the residents and really got to know their Paint Pals.


The aim of the project is to bridge the generations and to create meaningful and lasting community connections, improve the happiness and wellbeing of care home residents, and increase their social interaction with younger people.


Redmaids' High has been partnered with Alive! as part of the Paint Pals scheme for the past six years.


The residents have enjoyed the company of the girls when painting together, and have said that it has improved their concentration skills and brought a smile to their faces. The girls have also had fun taking part in the project, saying that 'it is nice working with the older people and seeing them have loads of fun'.

Pupil Involvement

For the past six years Year 7 pupils have taken part in the Paint Pal scheme.