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Outreach initiative at Bentley Lodge Care Home

LWC pupils make a weekly visit to Bentley Lodge to spend time with residents. They get involved in various activities; reading to residents, organising crafts, sharing stories and getting to know those who live there. Residents are also invited to LWC to attend productions and events. 


This forms part of our Outreach and Charity initiative to be 'part of something bigget than yourself'. The main aim is to forge links and collaborate with people in the local community sharing skills and experience.


Our Head of Drama is responsible for engaging pupils in these projects and overseeing all the actitivites. We currently have a strong team of 20 Outreach Pupil Ambassadors. 


There is much for pupils to learn from these activities which we hope will equip them with character, passion, resourcefulness, independence and empathy so that they can become the very best version of themselves. 

The Care Home Manager has reflected that the residents also gain a huge amount from these weekly visits. 


This is a weekly event which we hope to continue for many years.