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Orchestral Day - Andoversford

An orchestral day, bringing together 60 primary age pupils from local primary schools.


The aim of the project was to bring together musical pupils from local schools to spend a day learning and then performing three pieces of music in a concert for family and friends.


Many local schools are unable to provide specialist music teachers at primary level, so our Director of Music created this as an opportunity for a whole day creative experience.


We supplied all the resources needed, including the provision of three specialist music teachers for the whole day, the venue and all associated facilities.


We received many positive comments on the day from parents and teachers alike. Many of the schools have featured the day in the newsletters, commenting on the opportunities that partnership work of this nature gives to their children.

Pupil Involvement

We had 5 of our pupils taking part in the day.


This is the latest in the series of specialist days, following on from the Big Sing and Body Percussion. Further opportunities will be put in place in consultation with other schools.