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One teacher from Francis Holland is teaching Latin at Holy Trinity and St Silas in Kentish Town

Since September 2019 one teacher from Francis Holland School has been offering Latin classes to pupils in Years 3 to 6 at Holy Trinity and St Silas Primary School in Kentish Town. She delivers four lessons of 45 minutes each weekly on a Thursday morning. The FHS teacher is also training the teachers of these classes in order to make the programme sustaninable in the longer term.


This project is designed to share expertise and to build a love of classics in the country.


This project arose out of an existing link with Holy Trinity and St Silas Primary School. A personal connection.


Teacher time - 3 hours per week.


This project offers both qualitative and quantitative benefits. Some 120 pupils are involved.

Pupil Involvement

Ages 7 to 11. 

Boys and girls.

30 in each year group.