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Oldham Coliseum Theatre - Education Partners

Oldham Hulme Grammar School is the 'education partner' of the Oldham Coliseum Theatre. The two organisations support one another in a variety of ways, the partnership being of particular value to the school's drama department.


To promote drama and theatre in school and in the local community. 


These are two of Oldham's iconic institutions, this formalises a close working relationship which has grown over a number of years. The formal relationship has existed for the past 12 months.


The school makes a finiciail contribution to the theatre in return for inclusion in promotional events and materials. Once a year the school hosts a 'VIP evening' at the theatre, inviting members of the local community to particiapte in the event. Throughout the year school staff attend local community events at the theatre and promote the theatre to our students, parents and withnin the wider community. School pupils regularly attend plays and events at the theatre. The theatre staff offer support and advice for students taking part in school productions and within our drama department.


The partnership has aised public awareness of what both organisations can offer the wider community.

Pupil Involvement

Whilst the main pupil involvement is generally from the key stage 4 and 5 age groups younger children can also benefit from the partnership.


This is an ongoing partnership with events taking place at school or at the theatre a couple of times each month