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NSB/Darras Hall rugby training sessions

NSB and Darras Hall Primary school have built a sporting partnership based around sharing expertise on rugby coaching and playing methods. Coaches from NSB delivered a half-day of rugby training games and sessions, easily replicated to a year group of DHP children. Those who had shown a particular interest or aptitude for the sport then came along to a rugby club at NSB in the summer term, refining and honing their skills and understanding of the sport in a supporting and welcoming environment.


  • To encourage enjoyment of rugby amongst children
  • To embed importing sporting skills of creativity, awareness, resilience, decision-making and self-organisation.
  • Children from NSB and DHP were the immediate beneficiaries of these sessions, whilst also DHP teachers and parents were able to witness the teaching of some of these core values.


  •  External link built between NSB and DHP as two primary schools in the area.
  •  Meeting between DHP and NSB staff discussing areas for development within the DHP sporting framework currently.
  • Link has been ongoing now for 18 months.


  • Rugby resources critical to the success
  • Staffing by NSB staff to provide these opportunities.
  • NSB Senior school facilities used, as were hire facilities at Druid Park.


  • Children from both schools engaged in rugby activities across the year.
  • Gifted rugby players from half-day session invited to after-school club at NSB Senior site. This ran for most of the summer term.
  • Children’s rugby ability improved.
  • Children’s social skills between schools grew.

Pupil Involvement

  • 90 DHP Year 4 children attended the half-day session.
  • 20 DHP Year 4 children weekly in summer term.
  • 15 NSB Years 5 and 6 boys involved.


  • One single half-day event, to be repeated yearly.
  • Weekly after-school sessions for the summer term, repeated yearly.