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Nottingham High School Kwik Cricket Festival

Our Kwik Cricket Festival gives the opportunity for local state primary schools to play competitive cricket in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 


The aim was to offer the opportunity to experience a primary-level cricket competition in a fun, relaxed environment.  
The need was to provide an entry-level opportunity to enjoy rugby, as many primary schools don’t include rugby in their PE curriculum.  Our teaching staff also provided coaching throughout the tournament.   
For the event to be a success, we needed a full roster of teams, from a range of schools across the Nottingham area.   
8 schools attended the event, and both students and staff were exposed to a large-scale competitive sporting event.


Nottingham High Infant and Junior School hosts an annual programme of sports competitions for local primary schools, which include netball, football, Kwik Cricket, tag rugby and cross-country.

Part of the schools’ ethos is to share its sporting facilities and sporting opportunities with other schools in the local community. The school’s Kwik Cricket Festivals have been running for 5 years, led by Head of Infant and Junior School Sport, Mr Tom Abdy.  


For this project to succeed, we needed free access to the school’s Valley Road cricket nets , and 2 members of teaching staff from our Infant and Junior School to manage the festival itself.  
The schools’ Head of Admissions and Partnership oversaw the invitation and booking process.  
The grounds staff at Valley Road prepared and maintained the cricket nets, to be in excellent condition for the tournaments.  
The catering staff provided refreshments free of charge for visiting children and school staff.  
The event itself ran for 2 hours, with approximately 2 days of preparation time.  
All children who took part were given a certificate to recognise their achievements.  


"A great afternoon for both the Football and Cricket festivals! All the staff were very helpful, organized and the grounds were in immaculate condition. Will definitely be attending next year!" Mr Jackson, Leen Mills Primary School 
“Beautiful facilities, with flat pitches. The umpiring was fair and helpful. The children liked that everyone was new to the sport and that the games were close. Everyone batted and bowled the same amount, giving the tournament a team feel.” Mr Huskinson, Carlton Junior Academy 
The intended outcomes are to give children a positive experience of cricket, along with some basic cricket skills. The tournament is a gateway for those that enjoy cricket to seek opportunities to continue playing. 

Pupil Involvement

80 girls and boys aged 9-11 from 11 local state primary schools, and 8 members of staff. 


The Kwik Cricket Festival runs annually.