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Norwich School Music Scholars Visit Local Care Home

During 2018 Norwich School has been working closely with Community Enterprise Project Friend In Deed to help forge relationships between young and older generations including those with dementia. Over the course of four weeks, pupils visited a local care home and performed recitals for residents. Afterwards pupils were encouraged to have discussions with residents on their thoughts around music. Both pupils and residents benefited from the project, which enabled bonds to be formed between participants through the medium of music. 


The aim is connect the younger generations with the older generations through the medium of music. By partnering schools and care homes within the same local community, the aim is to form lasting connections where the generations can learn from one another.


The project came about through a partnership between the director of Friend in Deed and Norwich School Assistant Head of Outreach and Admissions


The use of local care homes and supervising teaching staff.


"The intergenerational work really is fantastic, I leave every event amazed at just how significant they are and I am so happy to have the support and involvement of Norwich School. One of my big aims is to put Norwich on the map as a city that has created sustainable intergenerational links and hopefully change the relationship between care homes and their local communities."

-Founder of Friend In Deed

 "Over the course of these past weeks, I have learnt a lot from the residents of Badgers Wood.  It has been an enjoyable experience playing my music to them and receiving their thoughts and ideas about what music is to them and their views on it today.  Although some of the residents seemed to have trouble having full conversations it was interesting talking to the residents and I met some people with musical pasts, one man was an ex-chorister like me. These trips have changed my perspective on music, it has been a great opportunity.”

-L5 Norwich School Pupil

“Over the past four weeks a group of senior school pupils visited Badgers Wood care home.  We played one or two pieces and then asked questions about what type of music the residents listened to.  We’ve really enjoyed finding out what kind of music these people like.  We would love to re-visit."

- L4 Norwich School Pupils

Pupil Involvement

Five current senior school pupils were involved. 


Although the project with this particular care home has now come to completion, there are plans in place for similar projects to run at other local care homes. Norwich School continues to work closely with Friend In Deed on other exciting projects including an Inter-generational Sports Day, a Primary Poetry Project and a Dementia Awareness Day.