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Norfolk Mathematics Masterclass

 Mathematics masterclasses given to primary and secondary school students from across Norfolk.


The Masterclasses aim to open the eyes of young people to the excitement, beauty and value of mathematics, engineering and computer science and in turn, inspire the next generation.


The project was coordinated through the Assistant Head of Outreach and Admissions, a former local coordinator for Ri masterclasses.


Norwich School hosted part of the series by offering use of the refectory and a speaker from Norwich School as well as sixth form helpers.


These gifted and talented young mathematicians are able to partake in sessions led by mathematicians from Norwich School, Notre Dame High School and the Royal Institue.The year 9 students are also taken on a field trip to the Ri at no additional costs to their parents or the school. These sessions challenge these students beyond their natural giftings and inspire them to see where their love of maths can take them.

Pupil Involvement

28 year 6 students and 35 year 9 students