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Nicholas Crane public lecture

Nicholas, who is best known as the lead presenter of the popular TV programme – which has reached a landmark ten series, gave a History and Public Arts lecture discussing ‘map lines’ on Wednesday, 28th September, at 7pm, in the Arts Centre.

The geographical writer and broadcaster is the current president of the Royal Geographical Society. As well as Coast, he also presented BBC’s Map Man, Great British Journeys and

Nicholas Crane’s Britannia and Town, a BBC/Open University co-production.

Nicholas has been the lead presenter on more than 80 BBC films and has contributed to a further 20, since 2004.

In 2002, Nicholas published ‘Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet’ the first English language biography of the world's greatest cartographer.

Sixth Form Geography students had the chance to meet and dine with Nicholas, alongside the Geography department and Headmaster Lee Glaser, before the talk. 

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form students, boys and girls


Single event - lecture primarily aimed at Geography students