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Musical Theatre Master Class and Performance


The project was a workshop involving approx 50 pupils coming together to learn, be choreographed, rehears and then perform to an audience. Classic pieces from Annie, Oliver, The Greatest Showman and more were on the bill. Students learned musical phrasing, responses to sound, dynamics and performance values before performing to parents at the end of the programme.  The children worked with older Reigate Grammar School children who acted as coaches and mentors during the day as well as benefitting from coaching and teaching from the RGS teachers,




The aim was to share access to the arts and performance to pupils in our partner schools.  





The Reigate Grammar School Music Centre and the teachers plus students of RSG made this possible. The partnership uses the staff and students of Reigate Grammar School to rehearse and produce a musical theatre master class and performance.


Pupil Involvement


Approximately 50 pupils were engaged throughout the day.




We have a number of musical partnership events during the year and this is one of them. It is on-going and happens every term involving a range of schools.