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Music Junction

About 15 of our pupils will mentor about 45 primary school children throughout the spring term following a flashmob session where children are introduced to new instruments. Six workshops lead to a performance of a specially written piece at the end of the spring term alongside the London Chamber Orchestra. St Paul's is also helping LCO deliver this project by offering help in kind to reduce the budget making the whole scheme viable. 


To introduce primary school children to classical music and give them a chance to learn an isntrument as well as experience live performance. Introducing music in primary school, where there is often no specialist, is crucial to allow more pupils access to classical music. It is hoped that some pupils will continue playing after the project and will have gained confidence as well as team work skills from taking part. Pupils will benefit as will the schools and parents. 


Through St Paul's Girls schoo, we were approached by LCO who were looking for a partner in this scheme which has been running for ten years. This is the first time that we have taken part and we have signed up for three years. 


The main resource are our skilled musicians who are able to take part in the flash mobs and mentor others. 


Assessed by questionnaires as well as the clear progress of pupils taking part in the workshops and concert. 

Pupil Involvement

About 15 pupils (boys) from Y10 & Y12 from St Paul's


On going project for three years. Six workshops, concert, flash mobs in three schools. Training sessions for mentors.