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The partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties as the girl’s county hockey have an established and recognisable home, using fields and the in future the new sports hall to train and host matches. The school in turn, have a stronger link to the County system and benefit from coach education and support with facility developments.


The aim of the partnership is to establish stronger School/ Middlesex County links.


Middlesex has been renting the facilities and a formal partnership enabled the school to expand upon mutual benefits.


Belmont and Mill Hill fields, sports hall, pavilion, wickets, bowling machine, nets.



·       All Belmont and Mill Hill staff have access to cricket CPD and coach education. All pupils therefore reap the benefits from this current and exciting coaching programme.

·       Pupils from Belmont get access to inspirational female cricket players in terms of awards and speakers.


·       Middlesex support the grounds team at Belmont

·       Belmont allow Middlesex to use the facilities throughout the summer

·       Both parties support the development of facilities and equipment

Pupil Involvement

Belmont girls attend Middlesex training and fixtures.


This partnership is ongoing throughout the year and includes a once termly meeting with Middlesex management.