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MFL plays

We hold annual plays and invite local schools to attend alongside our students. This year, we have four plays taking place in November, December, March and June (one for Spanish, two for French and one for German). They are attracting up to 200 visitors per play. The first three plays are for KS3/4 students and so will be attended by secondary schools. The June play is for KS2/3 and so will be attended by primary schools.


To enable our students and those from local schools to develop their confidence and listening skills in their languages by seeing a 50 minute play, written especially for the target audience. The plays include lots of topics and vocab relevant to the GCSE/ relevant key stage. The project also aims to promote motivation and enjoyment of languages.


Holly Thomas the Head of MFL came up with the idea - our numbers are fairly small and so it makes sense to invite others to share the experience.


The Hall, refreshments in the dining room afterwards and of course the performers!


Closer relationships with local secondary schools, our students get to see other students who learn languages.

Pupil Involvement

Frst 3 plays - students 13-16, up to 200 per play; June play - 10/11 year olds - 120 pupils