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Mentorship for Pocklington University of the Third Age Latin Group Leaders

The Head of Classics from Pocklington School provides help and support to the organisers of the Pocklington U3A Latin Group.  Primarily this is in the form of assistance with syllabus content, loan of text books and photocopying of resources free of charge.

In addition, the two leaders of the group have been given assistance with the syllabus and resources for the GSCE Latin exam, which they sat at Pocklington School, as external candidates.

The Pocklington School Latin Department also loan text books to local community Latin Clubs


The aim of the project is to provide help and support to the leaders of the Pocklington U3A Latin group, which in turn provides a service in the local community and allows a community group to exist and operate.

For the project to be a success, it requires the time and assistance of the mentor, plus the availability of appropriate knowledge and resources.


The project commenced following an approach to Pocklington School from a member of the Pocklington community.  The project has been running for just over 12 months.


The project requires the time, knowledge and expertise of the mentor as well as the availability of photocopied resources from Pocklington School.


The leaders and members of the Pocklington U3A Latin group have expressed their gratitude for the support they have received from the mentor.

Pupil Involvement

Currently there are 12 members of the Latin group who benefit from this project.


Guidance is given to the leaders as they seek it, which is usually every few weeks.

The project will continue for as long as the leaders require assistance.