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Medical School Application Day at IPS

Approximately sixty pupils from four schools took part in an event designed to support PVI - UVI pupils (years 11-13) in applying to study medicine at university.  Pupils were from IPS or one of three state schools; Christ's, Richmond Park Academy and St Cecilia's School.  

Pupils took part in four workshops; a mock MMI (mini medical interview, a method used by many universities), a medical ethics discussion, a q+ a with practicing doctors, and a session on how best to use their year 12 time or had a session polishing their UCAS personal statement.

This activity relied upon the help from IPS and visiting staff, and the visiting doctors who kindly gave up their time.


The aims were to help pupils already considering medicine and a career to find out more, as well as giving them practical guidance to make any application more likely to be successful.  


We used the IPS theatre, 6 IPS staff, and IPS also provided refreshments.  However, the support of the 3 visiting staff was vital to the success of the MMI session. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in years 11 - 13 were invited. 


This will run annually (it did not run last year due to Covid).  It is the 2nd time IPS has created and hosted such an event and both were successful.