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Meal for Certitude and More Than Just a Choir

We hosted around 30 service users, volunteers and staff from two local charities (Certitude  and More Than Just a Choir) for a superb two course lunch cooked and served by the boys. Both are charities that work with vulnerable adults with a focus on learning difficulties and mental health issues. The boys began prepping the food at 7.30am and prepared a meal of astonishing quality, from scratch, under the guidance of Executive Chef Sylvan Chevereau and his team. This event was worked on many levels, not only did we host some wonderful people (who had a fabulous afternoon and gave the boys a standing ovation) but it was led by the boys who gained skills by working as a team in a busy kitchen. The whole process was entirely owned by Harrow School boys. Chef Chevereau and his team really enjoyed having the boys in the kitchens and serving and were very keen to do it again. The Harrovians involved did extremely well, it was a magical afternoon, the boys deserve special credit for having the vision and enthusiasm to bring it all together.


Costs were kept low as much of the food was donated free of charge. 


Once a year with more planned.