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Maths Masterclasses

Kings House School hosted a series of Maths Masterclasses in association with the Royal Institute for local primaries (3rd Oct, 7th Nov, 14th Nov, 28th Nov).


The Royal Institute has a nationwide Masterclass network, working with volunteers across the UK to help enrich the education of young people in the subjects of mathematics, computer science and engineering. For primary school students, the Masterclasses focus on mathematics. These series of workshops, led by enthusiastic speakers, offer students an opportunity to investigate mathematical ideas outside the curriculum and explore the wider aspects of the subject.



King's House School has hosted the RI masterclasses since 2017.

The children are identified as those showing a keen interest in maths. They benefit from the masterclasses by teaching them to think laterally, show them how maths is applicable in real life scenario’s, injecting enthusiasm for the subject and inspiring children to pursue mathematical careers.



The event is free of charge to local primary schools. 

We had 9 schools participating this year (including Kings House School) and 36 children per session.

It takes approximately 12 teacher hours for the teaching staff to plan the event each year.


It is intended that the children come away from the sessions with a greater understanding of how maths can be applied in the wider world and to inspire them to pursue mathematical careers.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils


A series of 4 masterclasses