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Mathematics tuition for Teaching Assistants

A Mathematics teacher from Tudor Hall has been seconded to William Morris to run a weekly mathematics session to help a group of teaching assistants achieve their GCSE in Mathematics. 


To assist the Teaching Assistants to achieve a GCSE in Mathematics in order to up-skill.


William Morris Primary School and Tudor Hall formed a link in 2016 when the Director of the Co-Curriculum became a governor at the school. Since then, William Morris have welcomed Tudor Hall students and staff into their school to assist with and provide support for a variety of projects. The Director of the Co-Curriculum is now the Vice Chair of Govenors and the link with the school has been formalised.


Mathematics teacher


An impact statement from William Morris leadership team states that; 

'At our school we have undergone a huge amount of change in order to improve our standards. part of that change has been up-skilling the work force by asking all our support staff who have not gained a C grade GCSE in English and mathematics, to do so. This year we are doing Mathematics GCSE and Tudor Hall have generously helped us and supported us by loaning us a teacher to run a session once a week for all our support staff who are taking the examination in May/June. Without this extra tuition our staff would have found it very difficult to keep on top of the content coverage. This has been a tremendous help and hals played a very important role in making sure we support our staff.'

Update - all staff passed

Pupil Involvement



The project will run from the start of September to May/June