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Master Classes

Children from Milton Road Primary School visit St Faith's for varioius mastercalsses aimed at the Gifted and Talented.  Head's of Department for Engineering, English, Science and Languages put on sessions over the course of the year. 


Milton Road Primary School approached us as they needed to provided extension activites for their more able children. 

Transport is provided by St Faith's to enable the children to attend the sessions. 


Milton Road Primay School approached St Faith's.  We are now into the second year of the partnership. 


Transport is the key as well as time given by the various Heads of Department. 



In 2017-18, for the third year running, St Faith’s is running Masterclasses for pupils from Milton Road Primary school. The sessions are led by Heads of academic Departments, and each provides a 90-minute session for seven pupils. The sessions covered include English, Maths, Science, Languages (modern and classical), Humanities, Engineering and Computing. The classes have been very well received by the pupils who have attended. A different group of Year 6 children makes up each visit, and St Faith’s provides transport as well as tuition. The sessions have been very well received and the children and accompanying staff are always very positive. Our staff have enjoyed the experience of sharing their own enthusiasm with groups of engaged and appreciative pupils.


Pupil Involvement

Year 6 children from Milton Road Primary School


5 sessions over the course of a year.