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Masks for local medical services

In April/May 2020, members of staff from the College undertook 3 separate projects to help within the local community.  5 staff were involved in making visors through a local schools networking group and a company called 'Print for Victory'.  Around 2000 masks/visors were made for NHS Trusts such as Countess of Chester and Arrowe Park Hospital, as well as for GP surgeries, local care homes and pharmacies.

In addition, around 150 mask adaptors were made for Liverpool Women's Hospital and Cardio-Vascular Centre and 30 face masks were individually made for nursing homes in the North Wales area,


During the first national lockdown the aims were to utilise the physical resources that the College possessed, along with the considerable expertise of the staff to contribute to the national effort of providing PPE equipment for local health care professionals.


These partnerships were all new and born out of the Covid pandemic and apparent lack of PPE equipment.


College teaching and support staff were involved, giving their time and expertise for free.

College materials and machinery were used.

The projects lasted through April and May 2020.


Some of the PPE equipment that was made was part of a wider national effort to help the health services (Print for Victory), while the mask adaptors and masks for nursing homes were a smaller scale effort to assist local health care professionals.

Pupil Involvement

There was no pupil involvement on this occasion.


These events were on-going during April/May in the first national lockdown.