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Mandarin Outreach Lessons

Outreach Mandarin sessions delivered in the local primary school setting by a native Mandarin speaker working for our Confucius Classroom.


As part of our Confucius Classroom status we promote and develop the Mandarin language with our local community. Many local schools are not able to employ specialist teachers in all areas and therefore we aim to work together to ensure that other schools benefit from the specialism we have developed. To date sessions have been delivered at Saighton Primary School, Chester Blue Coat, The Arches, Mickle Trafford and Hoole Primary School.


Mandarin teacher to plan, resource and deliver the lessons which are in the primary schools.
Travelling time to and from the schools.
Cost of teacher's teaching, travel and planning time


Local primary school children who would not otherwise get the opportunity to learn Mandarin benefit from the expertise of a native Mandarin speaker who teaches not only the language and culture, but also traditional crafts such as flower making, origami and fan dancing. The feedback from schools has been extremely positive. The quality of pupil engagement is high and teaching and learning activities are stimulating and accessible to pupils of all abilities. 

Pupil Involvement

Usually a full year group often split into two sessions – we have worked with Year 3, 5 and 6 pupils.


Ongoing project expanded to other schools as indicated