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Malvern St James joins forces with inspirational local charity, Malvern Special Families

As part the school's 10th anniversary, MSJ spent time fundraising for local charity Malvern Special Families, which provides stimulating and fun social opportunities for children and young people with disabilities, to make a positive difference to their lives and those of their families.


We aim to raise £10,000, all of which is pledged to Malvern Special Families. 


Maria Munday from Malvern Special Families commented:

“We have always valued the support we’ve had from the school. Our families have enjoyed many parties hosted by the girls in York Hall and they are always a highlight of the year!  Every year we have to raise over 50% of our costs from non-statutory sources to meet the demand locally for short break services from our families. Last year we delivered 9,415 hours of activities for over 100 families. 

The more we can fundraise, the more activities we can provide and the more help and support we can give. We are very grateful to be chosen by the school in this special Anniversary year and we look forward to working even more closely together. A very big thank you to everyone involved. The difference your support will make is probably best summed up by a couple of recent comments received from families about our services…”

“Thanks for all you are doing for our family and every other family. It’s a lifeline”

 “Just to say thank you to all the team – MSF provides a service that enhances my daughter’s and my life.”