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Malvern St James - Behaviour of Successful People - a lecture given by Vicky Jones (OGA)

A lecture given by Vicky Jones (OGA of MSJ) to discover the behaviours and actions of most successful and happy people.  Also learn how to overcome fears, how to turn life's greatest adversities into greatest gifts and how to rewire your mindset for success, abundance and deep fulfilment.


Administration and organisation of the lecture is provided by MSJ's Marketing team during the preceding weeks.  Setting up York Hall by Estates team, refreshments provided by Catering team.


The lecture is one of many interesting and insightful talks, given at MSJ on an ongoing basis.

Pupil Involvement

The lecture was open to children in Years 10 to 13.


Lectures take place at MSJ throughout the year, various interesting topics, given by skilled and knowledgeable Speakers.