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Local Primary School - Intensive Swimming Lessons at Alleyn's

A week of intensive swimming lessons for local School, Heber Primary was held at Alleyn's during the Easter holidays in 2017. Two classes from year groups 5 and 6 came to the School for a daily 45 minute sessions throughout the week.


The swimming pool was hired free of charge to the local School. The only costs incurred by the School were to cover the cost of the swimming teachers and lifeguards involved.


The pupils involved were in year 5 and 6. Two classes of 30 pupils per year group took part in the lessons.

By the end of the week there was a clear improvement in the swimming ability of the children involved. Some pupils began the week not confident to enter the water and ended up swimming full widths assisted by Alleyn's swimming teachers. The stronger swimmers in each group were taught specific techniques and strengthened their ability in the pool.


The intensive swimming session was a one off taster session for the School. We hope to be able to provide future sessions so the School are able to offer this to all year groups at Heber Primary.