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Local Care Homes outreach initiative

Windsor Street Care Home is just one of the 6 local care homes for the elderly and infirm, that Cheltenham College students visit on a weekly basis.  Other local care homes include -Abbeyfield,Thirlestaine Park, Baytree, Faithfull House and Charlton Kings.

At all of the care homes, 4th and 6th Form students provide help and assistance to the elderly. Students who help at Windsor Street first undergo a full training programme, so that they fully understand the demands of dealing with patients with dementia and how to act appropriately.

Throughout all our visits to the care homes there are many activities that take place, including playing board games, sharing of residents photgraph albumns with them and spending time talking about anything of interest to them. On occasions we arrange short musical recitals, which are always very popular.

Residents are also invited for Christmas and Easter meals at the College and attend some of the Chapel services, including Choral Evensong.

In the Summer College are planning a Summer Tea Party for residents, which our students will play a key role in hosting.


The main aim is for Cheltenham College students to provide help and assistance to the residents of these Care Homes. Other aims are that the residents benefit from having a link with the College and feel part of the community.  In return our students are able to understand some of the demands of dealing with those with dementia and other conditions, and learn how to act appropriately.  


The links began in 2013.


One member of staff accompanies between 5 and 10 4th Form students each week.

Year 12 students attend in groups of 2+ and work under the supervision of the Activities Coordinators in the homes.

Pupil Involvement

Year 10 and Year 12 pupils at Cheltenham College volunteer to visit these Care Homes.  Both boys and girls participate in this activity.


Visits take place weekly during school term time and it is a project that is likely to continue over the forseeable future.