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Light Night 2020

On Friday 7th February 2020 we exhibited our Reach for the Stars installation at St Mary’s Church, Lace Market, Nottingham. The exhibition included stained glass style portraits of inspirational people created by school children from Jesse Gray Primary School, Greythorn Primary School and Nottingham Girls’ High Junior School.

Portraits included celebrities, historical figures, cultural influences, family members, friends and pets.


Get children to think creatively and critically about who inspired them.

Introduce and adapt WPAP technique to create stained glass style portraits. 

To engage in the wider Nottingham community as part of Nottingham City Council’s annual Light Night. This year’s theme was Life on Earth.

Give partner schools opportunity to create work for that culminated in a large-scale installation.

Promote arts and community to partner schools.

Give NGHS Outreach prefects experience of creating and erecting installation.


Reach Out by NGHS has participated in Light Night for the past four years.



Internal exhibition of artworks in Senior and Junior School.

Pupil Involvement

215 children from Years 5 and 6.

A total of 400 artworks were displayed to the public in St Mary’s Church, Lace Market.


Workshopsshops took place in January with the final exhibition on Friday 7th February.