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Let's learn Spanish

One of our Spanish faculty is helping pupils at The Priory School for 6 hours a week.


To assist 3 sets of pupils at the Priory School with their oral practice. Occasionally students may also receive help with written preparation or revision skills.


The Priory School had problems finding a Spanish assistant and asked if we could help.


Our Hispanic Fellow visits the Priory for 6 hours per week in term time, assisting one year 10 class and two year 11 classes. Each set has a one hour session. Tuesdays in term time.


We know from previous cohorts, through results analysis and student voice that the work is both valued and very effective. Students report feeling better supported, more prepared and confident.

Data shows speaking as one of the strongest skills for our cohorts and with a significant impact on overall results.

Pupil Involvement

One year 10 set of 24 students;

two year 11 sets of 17 and 14 students.

All at the Priory School.


This provision is 6 hours per week during term time.