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Lenten Food bank Campaigns

Each Lent the whole school collects items for lcoal foodbanks. Our Sxith Formers visit the foodbanks and distribtions centres, present whole school assemblies to promote the campaigns, coordinate the counting and labelling of items, then arrange their delivery to the local foodbanks. The school collect 0.85 tonnes in 2017, 1.1 tonnes in 2018 and 1.4 tonnes in 2019 - an outstanding community effort. In 2020 lockdown, the school began with donation but then switched to financial donations, raising over £1000. No campaign in 2021.


Meeting a very real need many many families in the local area.


SCC identified shortage items at local foodbanks.




Borehamwood foodbank invited the school to support the growing problem of local families struggling to live on low pay and zero contract employment.

2019, this was the Cardinal's (Nichols) annual appeal. SCC was invited to the launch.


School foyer became the storage and display space for the many items collected by students.

About 10 Sixth Formers coordinate the appeal each year

Staff support them in counting and labelling items. 

Minibuses are used to transport items to foodbank




1.4 tonnes (2019) of items provided hundreds of emergency packs for families in need.

£1000 raised in 2020, plus approx 0.3 tonnes collected

Pupil Involvement

Whole school support for the campaign. Older students run a competition and younger students help weigh and label.

Display in school foyer


3 weeks each Lent.

Whole school appeal began in 2017 and will continue for many years.