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Lecture Programme

In the Spring and Autumn terms Bruton School for Girls host a rich and varied Lecture Programme which features speakers who are invited to communicate first-hand to inspire the girls. 


The main aims are to widen the girls perspectives to a variety of different career options, to hear first-hand experiences of real life stories and to inspire and educate further.


The partnership was identified by staff within the school and Head of our Sixth Form to provide an added extra to the Sixth Form girls. It has been established since 2011. 


Staff, Old Girls and friends of the school giving up their time to perform lectures. The lecture programme uses our own Hobhouse Studio Theatre. Catering staff are required for refreshments afterwards. Teaching staff i.e. the Head of Sixth Form are involved in organising and hosting and non-teaching Marketing staff to organise the events and advertise. The lectures run in the Spring and Autumn terms, every Wednesdayevening from approx. 6.30pm-8.30pm. Some lecturers charge a fee, mainly travel and accommodation expenses.  


At the end of each term, the Sixth Form girls provide qualitative analysis of each lecture. 

Pupil Involvement

All Sixth Form girls attend and often other girls from the Senior School. Approx.14 years - 18 year old girls. 


The lectures run every Wednesday evening in the Spring and Autumn terms, it is likely to continue for the forseeable future.