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Lecture and Seminar with Author and literature expert, Joe Nutt


This English and academic enrichment event featured English expert and Author, Joe Nutt giving a lecture and seminar about Poetry. He covered Donne, Wordsworth, Browning and more and was an inspiring speaker with a wealth of knowledge and understanding to share.




The aim was to extend and enrich a love of and understanding of poetry. This was aimed at literature students but also parents and other members of the community so that I helped with exam preparatin but also broader education.




 The partnership uses the lecture space of the Reigate Grammar School old Library facility and Reigate Grammar School Staff organised and hosted the event.


Pupil Involvement


Approx 100 students attended from both Reigate Grammar School and Reigate School.




This is part of an on going series of enrichment seminars and lectures happening at least once per half term.