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Leadership Conference for Head pupils

40 pupils from an equal mixture of state and independent schools attended a conference hosted and organised by Wycombe Abbey about leadership. Head boys and girls from schools came to an evening of discussion, networking and inspiration with a lecture about leadership for young people in the 'new normal'. Schools involved: Dr Challoners Grammar, Beaconsfield High, Dr Challoners High, Chesham Grammar, RGS Wycombe, Sir WIlliam Borlase Grammar.


To support pupils in leadership roles in their schools to have a vision and a message that will be effective in their environments.


The Head Girl team from Wycombe Abbey wanted to leave a legacy of their time and so decided to run this conference. They organised it all themselves after having seen a similar conference run by another school.

Pupil Involvement

The 3 pupils organising it were all in year 13, and they put together the whole event with minimal input from staff.


This was the first event of its kind and given its success it may well become an annual event.