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KLS Parent Support

FHS Exams Officer hosted a Q+A session on the Government Examinations Policy 2021 following a request from The Katherine Low Settlement.

This supported many parents who were newly settled refugees and/or used English as an additional language.

We hope to arrange further Parental Support sessions where our expertise aligns with the needs of these parents. Suggested further sessions are planned on study skills, led by our Head of Academic Mentoring, and ICT, led by our Head of Computer Science.


KLS Identified parents of their homework club participants that were unable to access or engage with their children's school policies, whether due to language difficulties or unfamiliarity with the UK education system.

The aim of this partnership to provide bespoke and targeted support in a small and welcoming group known to KLS, guided by the needs of the community.


A parent volunteer at KLS suggested the session, which the school were happy to organise and support during school hours.


Teaching staff volunteer their time for after school sessions - virtually and in person.


Feedback from parents via KLS volunteers has been very positive.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are not involved in this aspect of our Outreach work.


This activity will continue in an ad hoc basis with a view to establishing a clear programme of talks if that is what is considered suitable by KLS.