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Kingsleigh Primary School

Four 6th form pupils, two artists and two musicians, help in lessons on Monday afternoons throughout the year. The Canford pupils will be studying art or music (as appropriate), so play an active role in the lessons, under the guidance of the non-specialist teachers at Kingsleigh.


To assist Kingseligh in areas where they have less expertise than they would like. THis was an area identified by Kingsleigh wne hey were appraocehd by Canford.


Part of the continuing relationship and dialogue between Canford and Kingsleigh.


All the teaching is done at Kingsleigh. Most of the resources are from Kingsleigh.


Informal oral reports from Kingsleigh staff report that he lessons are popular and successful.

Pupil Involvement

Four 6th form pupils.


Two hours every Mondat afternoon throughout the year.