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Kent College's Head of Middle School is a school governor at Cranbrook School

Mrs Wendy Young Min is a school governor at Cranbrook School, Cranbrook.  She attends governor meetings throughout the year and actively supports the school in events such as Open Days and Speech Days.


To convey the views of the parent body as a parent governor. Parents might make contact if they are dissatisfied with how the school management team have handled a situation or, conversely, they might want to congratulate the school on a recent success.


As a parent to a daughter entering the Lower Sixth at Cranbrook, Mrs Young Min was elected as a parent governor by the other parents 2 years ago. As well as being a parent, she worked both as a Housemistress in one of the girls’ boarding houses as well as the Head of MFL for 10 years at Cranbrook School, prior to her appointment at Kent College. Mrs Young Min's aim is to represent the parents as well as scrutinise the educational provision of the school, which she currently does as member of the Education and Welfare Committee.


Fortunately, most events are held after school hours so she is rarely required to miss time from Kent College.


Mrs Young Min is more knowledgeable about the challenges and procedures in the maintained sector which is often very useful in her role as Head of Middle School (Years 10 & 11) and French teacher.

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